Thursday, March 15, 2012

Social Engineering Through Gas Pricing

A couple days ago, I posted on my Facebook page some comments about gas prices and how government officials initially say one thing (want higher gas prices) and then, ultimately, say something else during an election year (want lower gas prices.)

The gist of the piece dealt with prices – some say prices are getting too high.

I was shocked to read that others believe we “NEED” to raise prices, “to force us to drive less & carpool & ride public transit & bicycle more...” or “the only way we will look for alternatives is if gas gets too expensive.”


Sorry, we are not lab rats in need of social engineering.  We are humans with free will and a brain to decide between right and wrong.

While I agree price can cause pause in purchasing, are we so weak individually and collectively that we cannot restrain our use of the car and gasoline?

In addition, the suggestion that simply raising the price of gas is the answer to our use of the automobile ignores secondary ramifications of this price fixing.

Stuff we buy gets delivered to the stores selling it.

When we increase the cost of doing business for those delivery folks, prices on the items they deliver will also automatically rise.

Or, are we expecting the delivery folks to suck it up and cover the cost, putting their businesses in jeopardy?

If we simply raise gas prices (without affecting the cost to produce it,) who gets the financial windfall?

People complain the oil companies are already gouging us and making too much.  Are we suggesting they get these added profits?

I suspect not.  In fact, I suspect people believe it should go to the government.  But why them?

What logical reason is there for the government to benefit from this social engineering?

We already have enough examples of government waste to convince us they are the wrong group to receive this premium.

Sorry, I don’t buy the idea that we need government to artificially raise prices to a point that will cause us to end up doing what we already know is the right thing to do.

Likewise, I do not agree that government deserves a financial windfall (at the expense of all of us.)

If you feel strongly enough that you are driving too much and wasting gas, then take some personal responsibility and buy a hybrid, drive less, ride a bike, take the bus, car pool or any of the multitude of options available to you.

If you know of others wasting gas, talk to them and inform and encourage them to be more responsible.

Please don’t ask to raise my prices because you and others can’t control yourselves and you want government to take control of your actions.

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