Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My “One Year” Has Long Gone

I joined Facebook on January 24, 2009.  I did so because Eric Lewis told me he posted some old pictures of the team on his page (I used to coach the boys and, later, girls soccer teams at Parker High School in Waimea.)

Time passed (years;) but I started to realize that this thing called ‘Social Media’ and, specifically things like Facebook, Blogger, Goggle+, LinkedIn and Twitter were probably going to be a way to communicate, market and interact in the future.

If so, I needed to understand what it was all about.

So, I made a commitment to learn what this was - and, the best way to learn was to get into the thick of it.

Realizing I needed “Friends” to see how this worked, I accepted previous “Friend” requests (they had previously sat unanswered for months.)  I then combed the lists and asked to “Friend” more people.

By adding Friends, I wanted to get enough people and a diversity of people, so I could see what happens in this thing called Social Media.

Then, on September 30, 2011, I made my first posted (it was my father’s birthday.)

In doing so, I made a commitment to post something every day, and I also committed to do it for a year.

Rather than an “I’m having lunch” kind of post, I tried to put together some more interesting kinds of posts (at least I think they are interesting.)

Because of my work in government, as Deputy Managing Director for Hawaiʻi County (2000-2002) and Director of the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) (2003-2007,) I have been fortunate and had the opportunity to see some places and deal with some issues that many others have not had, nor will have, the same opportunity.

So, I planned to share some insights, events and places with others.

In addition to those, I also planned to share some of the stuff we have been working on with various land use planning/permitting and related consulting projects we have worked on across the state.

Writing short historical summaries on people, places and events is part of the planning work I am doing (it’s actually my day job.)

Really, I do have a real job dealing with Land Use, Planning, Permitting ,etc  across the Islands. (If you need help, let me know.)

I first included some of that work-related stuff; then, expanded to other historic events across the Islands (and beyond.)

So, there is a bunch of historical stuff, including images (I believe the images help tell the stories.)

As time went on, this matter of making meaningful posts turned into a daily (hourly) research project.

My interest turned into a passion (or obsession, as Nelia says.)  It consumed all of my “spare” time - weekdays, evenings and weekends.

This really is kind of personal, I have been searching for more that I can learn about the place I and my family were born, raised and lived.

I have learned so much in the last few years about the place I live and love; it has been a great learning experience.

So, for those who have followed these posts, you have been participating in my learning experience.

OK … so, here’s the deal.

My “one year” is up – actually, as of today, it has been three years.

Some may not realize the time commitment required to research, write and edit these daily historical posts – in addition to finding images and maps to help illustrate the message.

Some have asked how I do it – I tell them, this is what I do.  For the past 3-years, it has been like another full-time job … or two.

To those who read and appreciate these posts, thank you. I hope you have learned something new, too.

While some don’t “Like” or “Comment” on each post, I have heard from many of you privately about them.  To all, thank you for your kind words.

From records I have seen, over 5,000 are involved with these daily posts (actually, because the posts are ‘public,’ there are many of you we don’t know that have watched us over the years.)

It has been a great experience.  I’ve learned a lot; I hope you have too.

So … what does that mean for the future?

I’m not sure.  Some have suggested I put these together into a book.

However, rather than putting these into some traditional, bound, coffee-table paperwork, I see these posts as a new form for “books” (except I have had control over what is posted – and, therefore, what you read each day.)

I am working on getting the posts linked into a web-based map and/or an App, so these people, places, times and events can also be seen where they actually happened on a map/aerial image. (I have a prototype version on my computer; it’s waaay cool.)

In the old form of books, once printed, the stories eventually end.  By updating an on-line format, new stories continue to be told (and expanded on.)  And, you can also see where they happened on a map.

I hope to sell subscriptions to it … so, save your quarters – ‘shortly,’ this will be available (at a reasonable price.)

Anyway, for those who have followed and appreciated these post, thank you, again.

It has been a great 3-years and a wonderful ride (a virtual "E" ticket … I miss Disneyland – my favorite place in the world.)

While there is still more to learn, I suspect the pace may slow a bit – so be forewarned that these posts may not match the prior daily dose (and I may even take periodic ‘vacations’ from posting.)

Having said that, these posts won’t stop anytime soon – I already have researched and written over 150 posts that will take us well into March of next year – and, I am working on many more.

Because I am approaching the Facebook ‘Friends’ limit, starting tomorrow, in addition to postings on my personal Facebook, Blogger, Google+ and LinkedIn pages, I will also be posting to our company Facebook site –  Click HERE to get to Hoʻokuleana LLC.

You and your friends can ‘Like” and follow the same posts, there … even now, you can go there and “Like” that site if you are so inclined.  (Please do.)

Social media is a great way to communicate, market and interact.  While we can’t always see each other in person, this venue allows us to quickly and easily keep in touch.  That’s pretty cool.

However, we shouldn’t lose perspective – Social Media is only “a” way to communicate.

We still need face-to-face personal interaction and those special moments of simply sitting down with someone and talking story (preferably, with a nice bottle of wine.)


Ho'okuleana LLC

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