Friday, November 28, 2014

Traditions …

No, not Black Friday – I avoid that.

… The Reindeer is Back!

Since 1985, I have worn my reindeer pin, starting on the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas Day.

No it’s not Rudolph (there is no red nose.)

Back then, I wanted to express my enthusiasm for this time of year, in my own subtle way. That enthusiasm continues today.

I bought the pin at Bell, Book and Candle in Kona, I picked it out myself. (Unfortunately, the store has long since closed.)

I also wear Reyn Spooner Christmas Shirts from now ‘til Christmas (my Reyn’s Christmas Shirt collection goes back to 1987.)

I look forward to this tradition.

Of course, some folks may think it’s dorky for some old guy to be wearing a cartoonish reindeer brooch on his chest.

I am sorry they don’t enjoy the season like I do; hopefully, they’ll lighten up.

Anyway, today the pin made its annual debut.

I Love This Time Of Year.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

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