Thursday, May 28, 2015

“Pele’s Grandson”

“Pele’s Grandson” He was known as “Pele’s Grandson” or “The Runt” (he was 5’ 1” and 95-lbs.) A Cherokee, he was identified as the first tour guide at the Volcano. Alexander P Lancaster was a firm believer in Pele and her powers; he took a proprietary interest in the volcanoes – thus the nickname. “Lancaster, probably wound up each trip into Kilauea caldera with one pocket full of tips and another full of Cuban cigars--until Jaggar put him on the Observatory's payroll as janitor, guide and general roustabout. Lancaster's experiences close to Kilauea's flowing and fountaining lava made him a good hand for Jaggar.” (Reportedly born in 1861, Lancaster died in 1930.)

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