Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Do Cats Have Nine Lives?

I am not sure, but I know Patches, our cat, has survived a few circumstances that suggest it could be true.

Years ago, on a quick trip into town in the old Trooper, at a stop at the traffic signal in the middle of Waimea, Nelia heard a faint and fearful "meow" coming from outside.

She got out and found Patches cowering on the roof of the car, having traveled al fresco for a couple miles through the neighborhood.

On another occasion, returning from a weekend trip to Volcano, we looked high and low for Patches.

She was nowhere to be found.

At the time, she was an ‘outside’ cat, so we feared she ran away or something worse.

We were relieved to see her scamper out of the storage room in the garage when we put away our Volcano gear.  (She snuck in when we initially packed the truck with our stuff.)

Over the weekend, she somehow managed to pierce a grape soda can and apparently survived on soda and cardboard for the weekend.

Speaking of eating, Patches’ new “adventure” is not eating.

As of today, is has been 17-months that she has not eaten on her own.

Using needleless syringes, we force feed her soft food four to five times a day.

The adventures continue.

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