Friday, April 13, 2012

Wine at the Brasserie - Dijon, Burgundy

There was a time that I traveled to Napa Valley three times a year and once a year to the Northwest (I love wine country.)

However, I have only been to France once, in 2000.  I chose Burgundy, home to pinot noir and chardonnay wines.

We enjoyed our meals with a bottle of local wine.

It’s unpretentious and simple – Rouge, Blanc or Rose (reminiscent of the wine list at the former Dorian’s restaurant in Kona: Red, White or Blush.)

At lunch they bring the bottle to the table, it’s unlabeled and already opened.

No pomp and circumstance, no table ceremony – it’s wine, drink it and enjoy it – that’s what the French do.

Dinner that night was not much different.

We were offered a wine list – obviously dominated by the Burgundy region, but also including nearby Bordeaux, Champagne and Rhone regions … it only had French wines.

The bottle was presented for confirmation of the order, but there was no following cork presentation – just a simple taste and pouring of the wine.

No pomp and circumstance, no table ceremony.

If only we could approach wine as simply and comfortably as the French do.

No matter what country you are in: wine - pull a cork and enjoy it ... and share the moment with someone.  Good Friends, Good Food, Good Wine … Waaay Cool.

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