Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Charles Hinckley Wetmore

Charles Hinckley Wetmore He was born at Lebanon, Connecticut, on February 8, 1820. He was the son of Augustus Wetmore (1784-1887) and Emily T Hinckley Wetmore (1789-1825.) He attained his medical degree; then started to teach. Three weeks after their wedding to Sheldon Taylor on September 25, 1848, they were off to Hawaiʻi under the ABCFM as a missionary doctor. The Wetmores were assigned to Hilo on the Island of Hawaiʻi. Later, leaving the mission, he was in charge of the American Hospital. “He was trusted by all. Whatever he said he meant, and his word in business was as good as his bond. He was to the front in every good work, and his gospel was one of action rather than of words.”

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