Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Curé d’Ars

Curé d’Ars It was during a Mass celebrated secretly behind barred doors by an anti-Revolution priest in a home near Écully that Jean-Baptiste-Marie (John) Vianney received his First Communion (at the age of 13,) which strengthened him in his inmost desire. “I will be a priest,” he affirmed. In 1818, Vianney was made Curé d’Ars (Parish Priest of Ars,) a village with a population of 200. He had not been long at Ars when people began coming to him from other parishes, then from distant places, then from all parts of France, and finally from other countries. Several schools and parishes were formed and named for St John Vianney. One such is the Parish and school in Enchanted Lake, in Kailua, Oahu, established in 1962.

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