Friday, February 5, 2016

Possibly the Last Human Sacrifice

Possibly the Last Human Sacrifice “Kaʻahumanu was a woman of the chiefly stature and of celebrated beauty … her husband (Kamehameha) cherished her exceedingly. He had the indelicacy to frame and publish an especial law declaring death against the man who should approach her, and yet no penalty against herself.” “And in 1809, after thirty-four years of marriage, and when she must have been nearing fifty …” “… Kanihonui, was found to be her lover, and paid the penalty of life”. Reportedly, Kaʻahumanu had seduced the boy while she was intoxicated; in addition, the boy was the son of Kamehameha’s half-sister – and, Kamehameha and Kaʻahumanu raised him. Kanihonui was put to death at Papaʻenaʻena Heiau on Leʻahi (Diamond Head) for committing adultery with Kaʻahumanu.

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