Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Sneyd-Kynnersley In 1815, Clement Kynnersley, the last male in the line, dying, left Kynnersley Castle to his nephew Thomas Sneyd, who added the name of Kynnersley to his own, upon his accession to this estate. Fast forward to about 1882 … brothers John (Ralph) Sneyd-Kynnersley (1860-1932) and Clement (Cecil) Gerald Sneyd-Kynnersley (1859-1909) left England and made their way to Kohala. Kohala became a land in transition and eventually a major force in the sugar industry with the arrival of American missionary Elias Bond in 1841. In 1887, King Kalākaua presented ceremonial lei to Daisy May Sneyd-Kynnersley on her baptism (daughter of Ralph Sneyd-Kynnersley.) From them is named the mauka-makai road through the Pūehuehu ahupuaʻa, Kynnersley Road, in Kohala.

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