Saturday, June 20, 2015

Elmer Ellsworth Conant

Elmer Ellsworth Conant “At five-thirty o'clock in the morning of June 20, 1923, (EE Conant,) manager of a Molokai ranch, walked into the garage at his home in Kaunakakai, entered his automobile, and stepped on the starter. The engine failed to turn over. As he swung open the door to step out and investigate, a shattering roar shook the village.” Some suggest the killing related to water, the day before he died, Conant had finished the 6-million gallon Kawela Intake water system, moving water to West Molokai, 20-miles away; others suggest it related to the suspension of open deer hunting on the ranch. Conant's death failed to develop anything but a mass of conflicting rumors, and the case was dropped. The matter remains unsolved.

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