Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ʻEwa Field

It started as a mooring mast for blimps, airships and dirigible balloons (lighter than air craft using gas to lift the craft.)  Back then, runways weren’t needed/used for the airship; a line from the mast was tied to the bow of the airship to hold it there, while not in use (however, none ever visited the station.)

Sometime later, the Navy also constructed an oil-surfaced, emergency landing field at ʻEwa.  What would become Marine Corps Base ʻEwa (ʻEwa Field) was part of the US military and economic expansion into the Pacific region starting in the 1930s and early-1940s.  ʻEwa was officially closed on June 18, 1952 and its property assumed by Naval Air Station Barbers Point.

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