Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pahikaua – Rebellion of 1831

From 1825 until her death in 1832, Kaʻahumanu was one of the staunchest friends of the missionaries and one of the foremost supporters of their cause.  Kaʻahumanu was missionizing throughout the islands, proclaiming the new taboos against murder, adultery, Hawaiian religious practices, hula, chant, ʻawa and distilleries.

In 1824, Boki and Liliha, actively opposed Kaʻahumanu and the missionaries. Chief Abner Paki, Liliha’s cousin and konohiki (land agent/overseer) of some of the lands under their control, joined with Liliha in an attempt to take over Oʻahu.  Pahikaua (literally war knife or sword) was the attempt made by followers of Liliha to retaliate against Kaʻahumanu; the Pahikaua rebellion failed.

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