Friday, April 3, 2015

Kaluaʻaha Congregational Church

Harvey Rexford Hitchcock was assigned to Molokai and established the first permanent Mission Station on the Island at Kaluaʻaha in 1832.  In the mid-1840s, they were working on building a new church; it was dedicated on April 3, 1844.  Kaluaʻaha Church, known as the Mother Church on Molokai, is the oldest Congregational Church on the island.

It is also one of the largest churches built in its time in Hawaiʻi.  It fell into disrepair; used off and on; on May 15, 1967 the steeple, which had tilted for years, fell from its base to the ground.  Remnants of the church are still there; in 2009, a new roof was built inside the walls of the existing church.

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