Friday, April 17, 2015

Pan Am

On October 28, 1927, competitive firms joined forces and formed Pan American Airways, Inc and began scheduled mail service between Key West and Havana. Passenger service started on January 16, 1928.  An expansion of major proportions began.  Within 2-years Pan Am routes extended from Miami to Brazil and Buenos Aires, and from both Miami and Brownsville, Texas, via Central America to Panama.

Then, on April 17, 1935, the Pioneer Clipper landed in Hawaii; the next day it headed to the Philippines and the Orient. On October 21, 1936, Pan American initiated regular six-day weekly passenger service between San Francisco and Manila via Honolulu. Then, in rapid succession, Pan Am sold its routes and then the sudden closing of all operations in Hawaiʻi on April 26, 1986.  Pan Am ceased operations on December 4, 1991.

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