Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Carriage to Horseless Carriage

Carriage to Horseless Carriage Gustav Adolph Schuman was born July 6, 1867 in Dresden, Germany to Charles and Martha (Schmalden) Schuman. In 1884, he followed an older brother to Hawaiʻi and took a position as a carriage trimmer (upholsterer) with the Carriage Manufacturing Co. Four years later, he started a carriage shop of his own, and in 1896 stated a livery business (boarding and care of horses.) “Gustav Schuman in 1897 started a business in carriages and harness on Fort Street above Hotel. All of the goods sold at the time were American made, and the business steadily increased year by year.” (1916) It became the largest privately-owned automobile concern in the Islands. Schuman Carriage closed in 2004.

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