Saturday, July 25, 2015


Keawemauhili With the death of Kiwalaʻo, the victory made Kamehameha chief of the districts of Kona, Kohala and Hāmākua, while Keōua, the brother of Kiwalaʻo, controlled Kaʻū and Puna, and Keawemauhili (grandson of Keawe) declared himself independent of both in Hilo. Kamehameha’s counselors were encouraging him to attack Keawemauhili and expand his domain into Hilo. The blows to Keawemauhili’s forces began to show, and victory began to lean toward Kamehameha’s forces. Keōua killed Keawemauhili. Keawemauhili had a daughter, Kapiʻolani. In 1822, she was among the first chiefs to welcome instruction and accept Christianity. In 1823, Kapiʻolani stood up to Pele, stating “Jehovah is my God … I fear not Pele.”

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