Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Tracks Until the mid-1800s, Hawaiʻi overland travel was predominantly by foot and followed traditional trails; people walked, or rode horses or used personal carts/buggies. It wasn't until 1868, that horse-drawn carts became the first public transit service. In 1900, the Tramway was taken over by the Honolulu Rapid Transit & Land Co (HRT.) In 1888, the legislature gave Dillingham an exclusive franchise “for construction and operation on the Island of O‘ahu a steam railroad ... for the carriage of passengers and freight.” He started O`ahu Railway & Land Co (OR&L.) In 1900, an electric trolley (tram line) was put into operation in Honolulu, and then in 1902, a tram line was built to connect Waikīkī and downtown Honolulu. In 1915, the streetcars were replaced completely by buses (first gasoline and later diesel buses.)

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