Monday, November 2, 2015


Palaʻau Palaʻau is Molokai’s only state park; DLNR has a license to use the land as a park from the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands. In addition to a small campground and passive recreation area, one of the primary purposes of the Palaʻau Park is the Kalaupapa overlook. (Nearby Parking and a short walk take people to the north shore cliffs and overlook of the peninsula.) In addition there are several cultural features within the site, primarily the Nanahoa complex. These four sites include two phallic stones. The six foot high male stone is called ‘Kauleonanahoa;’ the female stone has several names, including Kawahuna,’ ‘Nawaʻakaluli’ and ‘Waihuʻehuʻe’ (‘it appears to be in its natural state with a large groove down the center.’)

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