Monday, March 23, 2015

Hilo Hotel

“It is asserted by many that Hilo is the most beautiful city in the Islands. ... Situated on its magnificent crescent-shaped bay amid dense dark-green foliage, it extends its welcome to all and opens its portals to the historic and romantic interest of the Big Island.  Of course, no visitor to the Hawaiian Islands fails to see the great volcano Kilauea.”  (1896) (The Volcano road was completed in 1894.)

“Every now and then an attempt at running something like a regular hotel would be made by some enterprising resident, but heretofore these experiments have not resulted in any marked success”.  George Lycurgus and his nephew (Demosthenes Lycurgus) bought and reopened the Hilo Hotel … “Tourists will no longer complain of the lack of hotel accommodations in Hilo …” (1909)  By 1911, there were two hotels in Hilo, the Hilo Hotel and the Demosthenes (both under Lycurgus.)  In addition, Lycurgus (Uncle George) owned the Volcano House.

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