Monday, March 30, 2015


“The district that resembles Kahiki (Tahiti,) is to Kahiki-nui (Great Tahiti,) the district which is said to be made silvery by the winds (descriptive of the winds bearing salty sea-spray from the ocean.)”  Some archaeologists and historians believe the first Polynesians to arrive at Hawaiʻi came ashore at Kahikinui (Maui;) the place name illustrates the historical ties between Kahikinui (Great Tahiti) and the islands of Tahiti.

Kahikinui was arid along the coast but well-forested above the cloud line. Fishing was good along its rugged shores. Hawaiians lived in isolated communities on the broken lava, scattered from one end of the district to the other close to the sea or slightly inland, wherever potable water was found in a brackish well or a submarine spring offshore.  The ocean off Kahikinui is a wealth of marine resources.

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