Wednesday, March 25, 2015

‘The Lion of North Kona’

Born in 1828 in Hōlualoa, North Kona, George Washington Pilipō was an ordained minister and teacher.  “He was installed at Kailua over the old church where Father Thurston had labored from the landing of the missionaries in 1820 … Here Pilipō labored and preached acceptably and honored by all for six years, until he was called to, and accepted, the pastorate of Kaumakapili in Honolulu.”

He was elected a member of the Legislative Assembly and served continuously and with honor for sixteen years.  He was a powerful and effective speaker.  He earned the name The Lion of North Kona. He supported former Queen Emma over Kalākaua; later, King Kalākaua became so incensed by Pilipō’s critique of his government’s dealings that he personally intervened in the 1886 general election campaign to ensure that Pilipo was not reelected.

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