Saturday, March 28, 2015

Kauai’s South Shore

“The history of Kōloa is in many ways Hawai‘i’s history in microcosm.”  (Wilcox, Kauai Album)  The native Hawaiians along the Kōloa shore were the first to see the white man in Hawaiʻi.  It was in 1778, along Kauai’s South Shore, that Captain James Cook first traveled, landed and made "contact".

One of the first exports from Hawaiʻi was sandalwood trees; Hawai‘i’s whaling era began in 1819 and replaced the sandalwood trade.  In 1835, the first commercially-viable sugar plantation was started in Hawaiʻi at Kōloa.  When Hawaiʻi became a US territory, tourism boomed, hotels blossomed.  Kōloa-Poʻipū hosts an organized, supportive Poʻipū Beach Resort Association.

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