Saturday, March 28, 2015

Images Of Old Hawaii

As some of you might suspect, I have been experimenting with the distribution of these posts over the past month.

I am still doing the daily posts and one notable change is that the albums and full stories are at .  (You can always go directly there to get them.)

In addition, summaries are posted on Facebook, Blogger, Google+ and LinkedIn (with a tweet going out on Twitter, as well.)

If you missed some posts in the past month, you can go to and catch up (there have been some pretty cool stories.)

We are working on another experiment to automate the postings (it used to take me about an hour each morning to post all the images and stories on the various sites – we have reduced the time, but are looking at another approach.)

In addition, to make sure you don’t miss a post, we have started a mailing list that will automatically notify you if a new story has been posted.

Click HERE to sign up on the mailing list.

Thanks for following.


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