Tuesday, December 22, 2015

“Jehovah is my God. … I fear not Pele.”

“Jehovah is my God. … I fear not Pele.” In 1822, Naihe and Kapiʻolani were among the first chiefs to welcome instruction and accept Christianity. Kapiʻolani was the daughter of Keawemauhili, who was the high chief of the district of Hilo. When Kapiʻolani said that she was going to prove the falsity of the worship of Pele, there was a storm of heartfelt opposition (December 22, 1824.) The priests and worshippers of Pele honestly believed that divine punishment would fall on her. “You will die by Pele.’” She calmly addressed the company thus: “Jehovah is my God. He kindled these fires. I fear not Pele.”

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