Thursday, December 17, 2015

Oceanic Steamship Company

Oceanic Steamship Company Sons of the Hawai‘i “Sugar King” (Claus Spreckels) formed John D Spreckels and Brothers (John Diedrich, Adolph Bernard and Claus August Spreckels.) On December 22, 1881, the Oceanic Steamship Company was incorporated in California. The company had its roots in a fleet of sailing vessels created in 1878 by Claus Spreckels, then a major sugar planter in Hawaii, to move raw sugar to his refinery in California. In 1882, Oceanic Steamship first chartered ships, then owned and operated their own fleet. The first of the fleet was the Mariposa, launched on March 7, 1883. The line was sold to Matson Navigation Co. in 1926 and operated as a Matson subsidiary thereafter. Its success led to the construction of the luxury liners Mariposa, Monterey and Lurline between 1930 and 1932.

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