Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Mastiff Evelaina was the English mastiff of Kamehameha III. She understood commands in both Hawaiian and English. Kamehameha III died on December 15, 1854. “When the remains of our late beloved King, Kamehameha III, were deposited in the sepulchre, many were the sad mourners who watched night and day, lamenting in heart-rending wailing the death of their King, friend and benefactor.” “Evelaina took his station outside the door of the tomb, and there commenced his weary watch. For many weeks he would not leave the spot. After a time, food was not taken to him, and at last, driven by hunger and thirst, he was compelled to leave; but, having satisfied these wants, he returned to his post, and has thus kept watch for nearly two years.” After the dog died, Evelaina was buried at Mauna ʻAla so she could continue to guard her beloved master.

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