Friday, February 20, 2015

C Brewer

The following are the various names which the C Brewer was known: James Hunnewell, Hunnewell & Peirce, Peirce & Hinckley, Peirce & Brewer, C Brewer & Co, SH Williams & Co, C Brewer 2d, C Brewer & Co Ltd. If an exact date and a single act are to be assigned, it was on Monday, December 8, 1817, when James Hunnewell, officer of the brig Bordeaux Packet, agreed with Andrew Blanchard, master, to remain at Honolulu after the sale of the vessel.

At first, business was generally in small transactions and by barter. American goods of nearly all sorts were received and sold on consignment.   C. Brewer & Co., Ltd, was incorporated on Feb. 7, 1883.  Five major companies emerged and dominated the state’s economic framework.  Their common trait: they were founded in agriculture - sugar and pineapple.  They became known as the Big 5: Amfac - starting as Hackfeld & Company (1849;) Alexander & Baldwin (1870;) Theo H. Davies (1845;) Castle & Cooke (1851) and C Brewer (1826.)

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