Monday, February 9, 2015

New Things on the Horizon …

The ‘regular’ post will come later in the day; we have been working on a new website and new formatting of the posts and it’s making an early debut, today.

(There are still some indexing to finish and other stuff to fix, but the gist of it is ready to share … in a few of hours.)

In the meantime, here’s a photo I haven’t shared yet.  The littlest girl near the middle is my mother; my grandparents are the couple on the right.

The others are noted as the “Scotts.” They were taking a tour around the Island of Hawaii, June 5-15, 1928.

They are sitting at the archway fronting Mokuʻaikaua Church in Kailua-Kona.  Construction of the church was started in 1835; it was dedicated in early-1837 (under the leadership of missionary Asa Thurston.)

The archway was built in 1910 to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the arrival of the first Protestant missionaries (1820.)

My grandfather was great grandson of Hiram and Sybil Bingham; Hiram was the leader of the Pioneer Company of missionaries to the Islands.

This year marks the 195th anniversary of the arrival of the Pioneer Company.  Plans are already underway for the celebration of the bicentennial of their arrival.  I am honored and proud to serve on the Board of the Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives.

If you haven’t recently visited the Mission Houses, I encourage you to visit – there are lots of things to see and learn there.

It’s on King and Kawaiahaʻo Streets (Diamond Head side of Kawaiahaʻo Church (designed by Hiram Bingham;) across King Street from the red brick Mission Memorial Building (dedicated in 1916 in anticipation of the centennial celebration.))

The Mission Memorial Building is on the site of the former Kawaiahaʻo Seminary; my great great aunt, Lydia Bingham, was principal of the seminary; her sister Lizzy later took over.

Kawaiahaʻo Seminary (for girls) and Mills School (for boys - started by Francis Damon) later merged and relocated to a site in Mānoa.  It’s now called Mid-Pacific Institute.

OK, back to the posts …

So, just to prepare you, the formatting of the posts will change – the full posts will be on the new website and short summaries will be posted in Facebook, Blogger, Google+ and LinkedIn – with links noted in the latter to get you directly to the website and the full posts.  (Special thanks to Jen Barrett for setting it up.)

An alternative (and preferred) way to get the posts is to subscribe on the website (no charge) – that way, you will receive an e-mail notice as soon as the post is made (with links to the full post.)  (Subscription sign-up is noted on the new website.)

Some other things are also in the works: ‘soon,’ podcasts, with imagery and reading of the full text, will be available.

Likewise, I am still looking for an economical way to get the posts noted on a web-based map – so you can see where these people, places and events took place.

I have a prototype on my computer … it is waaay cool and helps put a modern perspective (location) to the historical context.

Other ideas are in the works, as well.

So, stand by, the ‘regular’ post for today will be available soon.

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