Saturday, February 21, 2015


Along the coast was an Alaloa.  In the vicinity of Hoʻokena, the ‘1871 Trail’ (the year noted the time of widening of the trail) was the main transportation artery for coastal travel from Hoʻokena to Nāpoʻopoʻo.  Initially single-file footpaths, the trail followed the contours of coast.  Over the years they were widened, straightened and curbstones were added.

A landing was built at Hoʻokena to accommodate the ships.  The Hoʻokena landing consisted of a rock pier off shore … the sea washing between it and the mainland.  The landing was named Kupa Landing in honor of Henry Cooper (Kupa,) road supervisor of the District of South Kona from 1871 to 1880.  Hoʻokena Village grew into a major sea port for Kona.

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