Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rock Silo to Bell Tower

In 1926, Carl W Winstedt’s National Construction Company, Ltd was reportedly the lowest bidder for the construction of a portion of the Kamehameha highway, designated “Job 4057.” Winstedt was to build Kamehameha Highway from Waimea Bay to Kahuku. Reportedly, to support it, in 1930, he built a rock quarry on the North edge of Waimea Bay to produce gravel.

A concrete rock silo was built for the quarry operations.  The facility was abandoned in 1932; it’s not clear what happened with it for the next 20-years. Then, St Michael's Church was looking for a church facility – the rock silo was converted into a 100-foot bell tower.  The former construction company machine sheds were converted into a patio and chapel.  The silo turned bell tower is a North Shore icon.

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