Monday, February 16, 2015

Papaʻi Bay

In 1783, following an unsuccessful battle against Keawemauhili and Keōua; Kamehameha sailed to Puna for a surprise attack.   He went to Papaʻi Bay (Lit. Crab fishermen’s shed - now called Kings Landing.)  Nearby is a māwae (crack, fissure, crevice,) the boundary between Waiākea, Hilo and Keaʻau, Puna.  Kamehameha, commanding the others not to follow, attacked two stalwart natives who had been aiding the weak to escape.

A fisherman turned and threw his fishnet over the pursuing chief, causing him to fall down upon the sharp lava – they struck him with their paddles, but after a few blows the paddles were destroyed.  The men ran away.   Years passed, they were captured by Kamehameha – recalling the prior engagement, he said, I make the law, the new law, for the safety of all men under my government - Māmalahoe Kānāwai.

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