Sunday, September 20, 2015

‘Aim High to Reach the Heaven’

‘Aim High to Reach the Heaven’ Sen Yet Young was born in the Islands (1891,) studied and graduated from ʻIolani School and received his higher education at College of Hawaiʻi (UH) and Harry University of California, majoring in mechanical engineering. “As the only Hawaiian who has mastered the art of flight, he remained to study the mechanics of the aeroplane at the Curtiss factory, before returning to Honolulu, where he will have to act as his own mechanician.” Young’s father was a friend of Sun Yat-sen. As a youth, Young listened to Sun Yat-sen talk about the revolution in China. Sun Yat-sen saw that the aircraft would become a new type of military weapon and organized the airplane fleet. Sun Yat-sen commissioned Young as Head of Aviation Bureau and also the director of Guangdong Aircraft Manufactory in Guangzhou. Sun Yat-sen called him, the ‘Father of China’s air force.’

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