Thursday, September 3, 2015

Irwin Park

Irwin Park The Honolulu Waterfront Development Project, introduced by Governor Lucius E Pinkham and the Board of Harbor Commissioners in 1916, was declared to be the “most important project ever handled in Honolulu Harbor.” The project began in 1916 with the construction of new docks; it continued in 1924 with the construction of Aloha Tower. On September 3, 1930, the Territory of Hawai‘i agreed to accept the donation of land from Hélène Irwin Fagan to honor her father and that it be maintained as a "public park to beautify the entrance to Honolulu Harbor." The Honolulu Waterfront Development Project was completed in 1934 with the creation of a 2-acre oasis shaded by the canopies of monkeypod trees.

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