Sunday, September 6, 2015

Where Curtis Lived

Where Curtis Lived AG Curtis and his wife Virginia H Curtis acquired about 100-acres of land in 1900 outside of Olaʻa; at the time, Olaʻa was one of Hawaiʻi Island’s main coffee growing areas. Curtis grew sugar cane and rubber trees. He started a general store, with a post office, at ‘11 miles’ (as the town was colloquially called.) He later sold the property, but the growing community was named ‘Kurtistown’ in his honor. (They explained, “The name was spelled ‘Kurtis’ instead of ‘Curtis’ because there is no ‘C’ in the Hawaiian alphabet.” In doing so, they overlooked that the Hawaiian language does not have the letters ‘R,’ ‘S’ or ‘T’ either.)

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