Friday, September 11, 2015

Joseph Paul Mendonça

Joseph Paul Mendonça He was born in the Azores Islands (1,500 miles off the coast of Portugal) on May 19, 1847; serving as a galley hand on a whaling vessel, he arrived in Hawaiʻi at about the age of 17 – he jumped ship and started working with his uncle, Jason (Jacinto Pereira) Perry (1826-1883 - the father of Antonio Perry, who would later serve on the Hawaii Supreme Court from 1900-1934.) He met and married with Mary Anehe Sylva (1870-1962;) they had six children, each took the last name Sylva. Mendonça became active the Annexation Party. He had practical training as a carpenter and mason, and went into the construction trade. He also started to acquire land, lots of it. Mendonça died in 1927.

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