Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Walter Murray Gibson Building

Walter Murray Gibson Building In 1834, King Kamehameha III organized the first police force in the Hawaiian Islands. This was only four years after the inception of London's first police force, and twelve years before that of any American city. In 1885, a site at Bethel and Merchant Streets was purchased and a brick Police Station constructed (it was built while Walter Murray Gibson was Premier and Minister of Interior.) In 1930, this building was demolished and a new one built; the new structure is known as the Walter Murray Gibson Building (it is a three-story (with basement) Mediterranean-style reinforced-concrete building.) The Police Department left the building in 1967, when they moved to the old Sears store in Pawaʻa. The Old Police Station, or Court Building as it was also known, continued to house the District Courts.

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