Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kazumura Cave

Kazumura Cave The ʻAilaʻau eruption is considered the longest memorable eruption of Kilauea. (Before Pele there was ʻAilaʻau (Ai means the ‘one who eats or devours.’ Laʻau means ‘tree’ or a ‘forest.’) ʻAilaʻau was, therefore, the fire-god devouring forests. When Pele came she took over as fire goddess, ʻAilaʻau left.) The ʻAilaʻau eruption took place from a vent area just east of Kilauea Iki. The eruption probably lasted about 50-years, from about 1420 to 1470 AD. Reminders of past eruptions are lava tubes. One such, as a result of the ʻAilaʻau eruption is Kazumura Cave – it has been called the longest (over 40-miles) and (to some) deepest lava tube in the world and the deepest cave in the US.

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