Sunday, September 13, 2015

Laʻanui and Namahana

Laʻanui and Namahana “There were born to Nuhi and Kaohele first a daughter and then a son, the girl being named Kekaikuihala and the boy Laʻanui.” “Among the visitors to the royal court was (Namahana) Kekuwai-Piia, who had just become a widow, coming as a guest of her sister, Queen Kaʻahumanu. Laʻanui was a boy growing to maturity.” Laʻanui and Piʻia were one of the first couples to be married by Hiram Bingham. “He was an interesting young chief of the third rank, well featured, and a little above the middling stature.” “Laʻanui was the paramount chief of the Waialua division from 1828 to his death in 1849, as well as the particular ‘lord’ (hakuʻāina) of Kawailoa, the district (ahupuaʻa) corresponding to the Anahulu River valley.”

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