Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bull Pen

Bull Pen “Jean O’Hara was a pretty girl who became a handsome woman. … Her good looks and classy bearing would serve her well.” “(O’Hara) got used to the fast money.” In mid-1938, O’Hara arrived in Honolulu from San Francisco. There was an unofficial system of regulated prostitution in the Islands, with the also unofficial sanction of the military. “The price charged is $3.00 per date. Of this, the Madame gets one dollar. Out of the remaining two dollars, the girl must pay the Madame for her room and board and laundry.” Most brothels required girls to see at least 100 men a day and to work at least 20 days per month. To speed things along, O’Hara is credited with inventing the ‘bull pen’ system where a single prostitute would work three rooms in rotation (including maid service.)

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