Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ossipoff Meets Mid-19th Century

Ossipoff Meets Mid-19th Century The Walter Irving Henderson House in Kona was featured in a 1958 edition of Sunset Magazine – they said, “The house is small but takes care of a large number of guests without crowding.” It is a combination of classics - the first floor circa 1864, as a small church or meeting house; then renovated and the second floor was added, for use as a beach house. An 1892 map shows Kahului Church, along with a nearby structure labeled “Makuakane” (which translates approximately to “father” in English, giving a strong indication that this was likely a Catholic priest’s house.) The structure was modified from the original one-story church form to its existing two-story appearance in 1953; the entire second floor and interior of the first floor were designed by celebrated local architect Vladimir Ossipoff.

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