Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Nutridge Macadamia seeds were first imported into Hawaiʻi in 1882 by William Purvis; he planted them in Kapulena on the Hāmākua Coast. A second introduction into Hawai‘i was made in 1892 by Robert and Edward Jordan who planted the trees in Nuʻuanu Honolulu. It was not until Ernest Sheldon Van Tassel started some plantings at ‘Ualakaʻa (up Tantalus) in 1921 that the commercial growing of the plant began (Nutridge was the name for Van Tassel’s home and grove.) Commercial processing of macadamia nuts began in 1934 at Van Tassel’s new factory in Kaka‘ako and marketed there as ‘Van’s Macadamia Nuts.’

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