Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Harold Melville Clark

Harold Melville Clark Harold Melville Clark was born October 4, 1890 in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Clark family had a strong military tradition dating back to the Revolutionary War. Harold followed in his family’s footsteps; he was commissioned in the cavalry in 1913. A couple years later he transferred into the Signal Corps’ aviation section and went to the North Island Flying School in San Diego. On May 3, 1917, Clark received his rating as a junior military aviator and later that year he took command of the Army's 6th Aero Squadron in Hawai‘i. He began to learn the Hawaiian winds and how to fly in them. On March 15, 1918, he flew to Molokai and back to O‘ahu - the first round trip inter-island flight ever made in the Hawaiian Islands. Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines was named for him; the US turned over possession of Clark Air Base to the Republic of the Philippines November 26, 1991.

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