Friday, March 4, 2016

Mailable Matter

Mailable Matter Like early mail exchange in the American Colonies, following Cook's contact, mail in Hawaiʻi was handled privately by employing forwarders or by making arrangements directly with a ship captain. Hawaiʻi and the US agreed on a ‘Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation and Extradition, December 20, 1849;’ among other things, Article 15 of the Treaty created an arrangement for delivery of mail. On November 2, 1850, The Polynesian announced it was keeping a letter bag open to receive letters and promised to place on board reliable vessels any letters deposited in its letter bag. By 1850, almost all mail was being sent to/from Hawaiʻi via San Francisco to enter the mail stream there and be carried in the US mail via Panama to New York. Hawaiʻi’s first stamps (issued in 1851) included a 2-cent stamp for the newspaper rate, a 5-cent stamp for regular mail to the US, and a 13-cent stamp for mail to the US East Coast.

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