Monday, March 21, 2016

Women Warriors

Women Warriors In Kamehameha’s conquest, “chiefesses accompanied their husbands on this war expedition, as well as the young male and female aliʻi. Most of these chiefesses who went with their husbands were adept at shooting a musket … It can be declared that Hawai‘i did not lack for fearless-hearted chiefesses, and it is appropriate that we proudly preserve the memory of their support of Kamehameha in those victorious battles.” A woman warrior of note was Manono; she fought side-by-side with her husband, Kekuaokalani, in the battle following the fall of the kapu. “No characters in Hawaiian history stand forth with a sadder prominence, or add a richer tint to the vanishing chivalry of the race, than Kekuaokalani and his courageous and devoted wife, Manono, the last defenders in arms of the Hawaiian gods.”

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