Friday, October 30, 2015

Halekiʻi and Pihana Heiau

Halekiʻi and Pihana Heiau Located about ¼-mile inland, constructed of stacked waterworn basalt boulders collected from ʻIao Stream, Halekiʻi and Pihana Heiau overlook ‘Iao Stream, Kahului Bay and the Wailuku Plain, and are the most accessible of the remaining pre-contact Hawaiian structures of religious and historical importance in the Wailuku-Kahului area. Traditional history credits the menehune with the construction of both heiau in a single night, using rock from Paukukalo Beach. Other accounts credit Kihapiʻilani with building Halekiʻi, and Kiʻihewa with building Pihana during the time of Kakaʻe, the aliʻi of West Maui. Some say that they were built under the rule of Kahekili.

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