Thursday, October 22, 2015

John Palmer

John Palmer “Strictly speaking, there is no harbor at this island. The anchorage is merely a roadstead … The town of Lahaina is beautifully situated on the level land skirting the sea, and extends along the shore a distance of two miles. … The reef extends the whole length of the town, about forty rods from shore, and, but for a small opening or break in it, boats would be unable to land.” “Seamen are obliged to be clear of the beach at drumbeat” … Some didn’t like, nor follow, all of the rules … In October, 1827, an assault was made at Lahaina by the crew of the ‘John Palmer’ … the crew had opened fire on the village with a nine-pound gun, aiming five shots at Mr Richards's house, which, however, did little damage. No one was killed.

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