Saturday, October 17, 2015

Oʻahu ‘Wai’ Ahupuaʻa

Oʻahu ‘Wai’ Ahupuaʻa The Hawaiian deity Kamapuaʻa is a part of the Lono god-force, and possessed many kinolau (body forms,) representing both human and facets of nature. He was born in pig-form to Hina (mother) and Kahiki‘ula (father) at Kaluanui in the Koʻolauloa District of O‘ahu. When ʻOlopana, an Oʻahu Chief, heard that Kamapuaʻa was robbing the hen roosts, he asked the people to capture Kamapuaʻa. Lonoawohi had been ʻOlopana’s kahuna, but was later replaced. Lonoawohi helped Kamapuaʻa escape; in return when Kamapuaʻa started to divide the land, Lonoawohi, his priest, asked for and received the lands whose names begin with the word “wai” (i.e. Waikiki, Waianae, Waiawa, Wailupe, etc.) Thus, the priests of the Lono class received the “wai” lands and had a monopoly of well-watered lands on Oʻahu. Later, the lands were redistributed.

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