Friday, October 2, 2015


Mokumanu Demigod Maui is known for capturing the sun; in another story, Kuolokele, his grandfather, had Maui gather kī leaves, ʻieʻie vines and bird feathers. On the first day, from the bird feathers, ki leaves and ʻieʻie vines, Kuolokele made the body and wings of a bird – moku-manu (bird-ship.) On the second day, he finished the bird and tested it. It flew ­ the first flying-craft ever in Hawaiʻi. On the third day, "It is ready," the old man said. "Inside the bird you will find cords. With them you can flap its wings and make it fly. Also there is a bundle of food. Maui entered the body of the bird and started to fly.

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