Monday, October 5, 2015

Kukuionapeha Heiau

Kukuionapeha Heiau Kaimuki, before man, was a site of rocky land, red soil high in iron and largely covered by lava. In 1898, Kaimuki was still the barren, rocky and red-dirt land filled with panini, kiawe, and lantana. However, Lansing, a real estate agent, thought it was a great place to build a high class residential district. Initially, sales were slow. But in 1900, the Chinatown fire forced folks to find places for new homes and businesses – many came to Kaimuki. This eventually led to the construction of the Leʻahi Hospital (1901 - once called Honolulu Hospital for the Incurables.) This and other activity in the area destroyed and/or displaced the landscape. A heiau, Kukuionapeha Heiau (Napeha’s light or beacon) was in the vicinity.

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